Minneapolis Rental Licensee Duties

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Minneapolis rental license duties


It is imperative that Minneapolis landlords (rental licensees) know their duties as a licensee. Take thirty minutes to review this list, put them to memory, and make sure your management practices incorporate them.

In this post and future, I will share the exact law and language, and also add emphasis (where I believe it is appropriate) to interpret and implement the law.  When appropriate and at my discretion, I will add links to other cited law and authorities (i.e. Minneapolis voter handout info below).

244.2000. – Duties of licensee. [emphasis added by MinnesotaLandlordLaw.com]

Every holder of a rental dwelling license or provisional license shall:

(a) Post his or her license certificate (LL LAW: Your Rental License), along with any other required informational posting (LL LAW–“Who to Call Poster“) as approved by the director of regulatory services, when the certificate or required informational posting is received from the director of regulatory services. If the informational posting is provided in a color format, the posting or any replacement posting must also be in color and the posting and license shall at all times be clearly and readily legible and visible. In multiple dwelling buildings, the certificate and required informational posting shall be conspicuously posted in a frame or frames with transparent cover in the common area immediately adjoining the front or principal entrance of the building. If there exists no such qualifying common area in the multiple dwelling building, the certificate and required informational posting shall be prominently posted within each dwelling unit, at or near the front or principal entrance. For other than multiple dwellings, the certificate and required informational posting shall be prominently posted at or near the front or principal entrance of the building.

(b) Maintain a current register of all tenants and other persons with a lawful right of occupancy to a dwelling unit and the corresponding floor number, and unit number and/or letter and/or designation, within the building. The register shall be kept current at all times. The licensee shall designate the person who has possession of the register. The register shall be available for review by the director or their authorized representatives at all times.

(c) Permit the director of regulatory services and the director’s authorized representatives, either voluntarily or pursuant to an administrative or other warrant, to enter upon the premises for the purpose of conducting inspections to verify compliance with the housing maintenance code, and the fire, health, zoning and building codes of the city. Such inspections shall be made at such frequencies as the director in their sole judgment shall deem appropriate and necessary, and when practical shall provide reasonable advance notice to the license holder or a managing agent.

(d) The owner of any dwelling which is required to be licensed by this chapter shall, prior to the time of sale of said dwelling, notify the buyer in writing of all unabated orders and violation tags issued by the department of regulatory services pertaining to said dwelling, as well as the requirement of law that said dwelling, upon acquisition by a new owner, must be licensed with the director of regulatory services. A copy of the notification shall be mailed to the director of regulatory services within five (5) days of furnishing the notification to the buyer. If the dwelling is owned by a corporation, an officer of said corporation shall carry out the notification required by this section. If the property is owned by more than one (1) person, a notification by one (1) of the owners shall satisfy this section. For the purposes of this section, “time of sale” shall be construed to mean when a written purchase agreement is executed by the buyer or, in the absence of a purchase agreement, upon the execution of any document providing for the conveyance of a dwelling required to be licensed.

(e) Upon written order of the director of regulatory services or an authorized representative of the director, the licensee shall provide the director or authorized representative, within the ten (10) days, the following information: the number of dwelling, rooming, and shared bath units in the building, specifying for each unit, the floor number, and unit number and/or letter and/or designation.

(f) Beginning March 1, 2016, and continuing thereafter, the owner of any dwelling which is required to be licensed by this chapter shall provide information about how a voter may register in the State of Minnesota (LL LAW: Voter Information and Voter Registration Forms) and in a manner approved by the city, to all tenants aged eighteen (18) or older at the time of first occupancy.(g) Submit current application information as required by section 244.1860 of this chapter.

Did you make it all the way through?  If you have questions at your property, I’m happy to help for a low flat one time fee.

Questions?  Email Brad at [email protected]

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