Frey wants landlords to hand new tenants voter info

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PolicyMinneapolis Rental Property Owners:

Tuesday September 15th at 1:30, a hearing is scheduled in the Community Development and Regulatory Services Committee of the Minneapolis City Council to hear a proposed ordinance that would require rental property license holders to provide information about how a voter may register in the State of Minnesota, in a manner approved by the City, to all tenants aged eighteen and older at the time of first occupancy.  Council Member Jacob Frey is the author of this new ordinance.  If passed, the ordinance would be before the Council as a whole on September 25th.


For the latest, multifamily property owners can contact Marty McDonough, Director of Municipal Affairs, MN Multi-Housing Association (MHA) at (952)548-2217 or [email protected].

Brad Schaeppi

Brad Schaeppi

MMSBA Certified Real Property Law Specialist - Brad is a licensed attorney, experienced real estate investor and property manager. Prior to founding his Brokerage and Law practice in 2011, Brad held “stripe-earning” positions in real estate as a project manager for a local developer (PAK Properties), a Senior Project Manager for a publicly traded company (Vail Resorts), to an investment sales associate for a large local real estate brokerage and management company (Welsh Companies).

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